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Growing nutritious, flavour packed food, through modern pesticide-free hydro farming. 

saving water

90%> less water when compared to traditional farming techniques.


Closed loop watering systems with no agricultural run-off into our waterways.

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93%> of the energy we consume is generated from renewable sources.

Every byproduct created through our production is repurposed throughout our farm.

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reduce plastic

All our MicroGreens are delivered in the 100% recyclable plastic trays they were grown in, they are collected with each delivery, cleaned and used again, again, and again... some over 250x and counting...

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zero waste

Subscription farming means we only grow what's been ordered!

We deliver living product that lasts 10X> longer than harvested MicroGreens.

slim our bin, slim your bin & save money whilst doing your bit for the planet...!

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